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It’s holiday time! Is your car summer ready?

Its holiday time, so soon we will all be setting off in the car on our long journeys to the airport or travelling around the country side, so we’ve put together this’ ‘pre-journey’ check list to ensure you get to your destination!

Air conditioning servicing at L G Perfect

1. Check all lights including number plate and fog lights, on some later car models of cars the bulbs can be tricky to replace and the procedure may involve removal of bumpers to gain access. If this is the case, pop down to Perfects and we can do this for you.

2. For all tyres including the spare, (if you have a puncture you are going to use it!) the legal minimum limit is 1.6mm of tread depth, check tyres are to the correct inflation and there is no damage to the tyre.

3. Check all fluid level;  if the coolant or the brake reservoir is to low there might be attention required by a garage.

4. If your vehicle is fitted with a camshaft belt, it’s important to check the mileage or time elapsed for replacement.

5. If the car has air/con, make sure it has this been serviced recently. Servicing will remove all harmful bacteria from the heating system.

6. Ensure that wipers and washers are clearing the screen properly and the blades are not split.

7. Is your vehicle is up to date with its servicing, MOT, tax and most importantly insurance? All of these are especially important if you are travelling abroad with your car.

8. Always allow plenty of time to get these jobs to be done before your long journey starts.

Here at L G Perfect is happy to carry out any of the above, give us a call on 01493 657131 or pop in and see us!

Happy Hols !!!