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Signs your wiper blades need replacing…

With all the grit, salt and muck that is on the roads at the time of year, your wiper blades can often become ineffective. These signs will help you decide whether yours need replacing or just a good clean: 1. Streaking – blades that are in good condition should have no problem clearing your windscreen of rain. Sometimes something from the road can get caught in the blade causing the streak, but it could also scratch the glass. General wear […]

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Vaughan’s Winter Maintenance Tips:

Be sure to keep an eye on your cam-belt in winter. Any vehicle that has a cam-belt fitted, should be changed at the manufacturers scheduled time and the mileage service light reset where fitted. You don’t need to take your car into your dealership, we can check, repair and replace cambelts here at L.G.Perfect (we are cheaper too!) Anti-freeze should be up to spec all year round (not just in the winter) as it contains a corrosion inhibitor for the […]

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