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Winter Safety Check

With the weather getting colder have you thought about having a Winter safety check? Why not let us check your vehicle while you wait. With your vehicle on the ground we can: Check all levels Check Anti-freeze Check Tyres wear and damage (including the spare tyre) Test all lights and horn Test Head lamp alignment

LG Perfect save time and banish paperwork with r2c Online

Looking for a smarter and paperless alternative to manage their workshop processes; repair, service and MOT centre here at LG Perfect we have become the latest business to adopt cloud-based compliance management platform r2c Online. LG Perfect are one of over 600 workshops nationwide using r2c Online to streamline their maintenance and compliance operation and

How to Check your Tyres are Ready for Winter

Winter is soon but arriving, we need to check those tyres on the car for safe winter motoring. Tyres are the only thing that keep the vehicle in contact with the road surface, so you need to make sure they are in good working order Tyre tread depth is very important. The minimum legal limit

The Facts of Air-Con

Did you know? Vehicles fitted with air conditioning are recommended to have at least one service a year? The design and workings mean that bacteria is prone to collecting in the heating system, which you are then breathing in, not well for us humans at all! An air-con service will clean and top up the

Job Opportunities! Would you like to join our team?

Job Opportunities! Due to expansion we are looking for a fully skilled Car/Light Commercial Mechanic and a Heavy Commercial Fitter These are a full time, permanent jobs with good prospects to the right people… To apply, please email Vaughan@lgperfects.co.uk with your CV

Checking your vehicle’s cooling system

The cooling system of your vehicle requires regular inspection, not just checking the level, but also the anti-freeze all year round as a corrosion inhibitor as well as to stop the water from freezing in the winter time and damaging the engine. Checking for any water leaks from around the radiator and the coolant pipes

Signs your wiper blades need replacing…

Signs your wiper blades need replacing… With all the grit, salt and muck that is on the roads at the time of year, your wiper blades can often become ineffective. These signs will help you decide whether yours need replacing or just a good clean: 1. Streaking – blades that are in good condition should

Vaughan’s Winter Maintenance Tips:

Be sure to keep an eye on your cam-belt in winter. Any vehicle that has a cam-belt fitted, should be changed at the manufacturers scheduled time and the mileage service light reset where fitted. You don’t need to take your car into your dealership, we can check, repair and replace cambelts here at L.G.Perfect (we