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Did you know? Vehicles fitted with air conditioning are recommended to have at least one service a year?

The design and workings mean that bacteria is prone to collecting in the heating system, which you are then breathing in, not well for us humans at all! An air-con service will clean and top up the gas plus lubricate the system again. Removing all the harmful bacteria in the vehicle cabin and checking for its efficiency.

Here at L.G.Perfect we are getting a good percentage of vehicles with air-con that is not working at all due to no or low gas in the system. This is caused by seals, pump or the air-con radiator leaking! Due to moisture in the system mixing with the oil to create an acid that will corrode the air-con components if not removed.

Did you know you lose up to 10% of your air-con gas yearly? So keep that air-con serviced regularly and enjoy being comfortable in your vehicle for all those journeys.