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Be sure to keep an eye on your cam-belt in winter. Any vehicle that has a cam-belt fitted, should be changed at the manufacturers scheduled time and the mileage service light reset where fitted. You don’t need to take your car into your dealership, we can check, repair and replace cambelts here at L.G.Perfect (we are cheaper too!)

  1. Anti-freeze should be up to spec all year round (not just in the winter) as it contains a corrosion inhibitor for the engine, which is ineffective if the antifreeze is old.
  2. Tyres should always be inspected for wear and tear, correct inflation and damage, even more so in the winter months. L.G.Perfect offer free brake and tyre checks so pop in and see us if you are concerned about yours!
  3. Vehicles fitted with air-conditioning, should be serviced and re-gassed when necessary, not just during the summer! Regular maintenance is necessary to stop bacteria developing in the heating system.
  4. Pop into L.G. Perfect for FREE wiper, brakes and cambelt checks!