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Signs your wiper blades need replacing…

With all the grit, salt and muck that is on the roads at the time of year, your wiper blades can often become ineffective. These signs will help you decide whether yours need replacing or just a good clean:

1. Streaking – blades that are in good condition should have no problem clearing your windscreen of rain. Sometimes something from the road can get caught in the blade causing the streak, but it could also scratch the glass. General wear and tear can also cause the rubber to become loose and not fit onto the screen effectively.

2 Noisy – if your blades squeeze and vibrate against the windscreen, it could indicate the blades have become worn.

3. Getting stuck – your blades should glide across the screen in one easy movement, if they are getting stuck, chances are the rubber is wearing away and has some splitting.

4. Ragged or split – if you take a look at tour wiper blades and see that they have split or are ripped in any way, it’s time to pop in and see us!

Here at L.G.Perfect we can check and replace wiper blades for all makes and models of car, pop in and see us or give us a call on 01493 657131 for an appointment!